TERRA TerraQuest Expeditions| Frequently Asked Questions


  • We do not hire guides. We are your guides! Our team runs personally leads you on the most amazing drives.

  • Terraquest trips are fixed departure self-drive expeditions i.e. road-trips, to the most beautiful locations in India and abroad. On our road-trips you move in a convoy on pre-defined routes, staying in pre-defined hotels carefully chosen by our team, who drive the route multiple times before taking you on a once in a lifetime experience. On our trips you will always have a lead and support vehicle to ensure your safety. Typically we will take you through the road less travelled.

  • On most trips your stay, experiences and activities will be included. We can also assist you in renting a car through our tie-ups with various agencies in India and abroad.

  • Yes, absolutely. Most people love experiencing the pleasure of driving their own vehicles. Where it is impossible to bring your car, we arrange self-drive hires.

  • Typically you or your friends who you would travel with, will be driving. Our entire experience is based around experiencing the terrain. If you’re not keen, you can bring your cheuffer or even hire a cab and join the convoy!

  • If you dont own one, you can always hire a vehicle. We have tie-up’s with various agencies across all the regions in which we operate.

  • We typically have a ratio of 1:6. for cars, and 1:8 for travelers i.e. for every 6 cars we have 1 lead/support vehicle, and for every 8 individuals we have a team member. On each trip we have a network of local contacts to aid in any case of contingencies. There will also be a certified first-aid’er in all trips, and our vehicles are equipped with oxygen and other first aid as well as recovery equipment. Each vehicle is equipped with a radio for regular communication.

  • Our typical group size ranges from 10 upto 30 participants, depending on the locations.

  • Kids above the age of 5 are allowed on most of our trips. Infact, kids seem to have a great time and we have had kids almost on each trip we’ve been on.

  • Trips are designed in a manner to spread out the driving. You may drive anywhere from 100 Kilometers upto 300+ kilometers each day. We also account for rest day(s) on each trip.

  • You would drive anywhere between 3 – 10 Hours on driving days.

  • Our team traveling with you will take care of you at all times. Breakdown assistance is provided on all our trips. We bring out the best possible solution with the resources at hand, after consulting with you on the spot.

  • Once you sign up on an expedition with us, you will be send a prep guide well in advance giving you enough time to prepare yourself as well as your vehicle for the adventure ahead.

  • Our expedition vehicles are typically equipped with everything you will need on the road. However, in remote locations it is a good idea to carry a spare tyre tube (even for tubeless tyres), a puncture kit, a tow-rope and a shackle etc. These are things that you would find listed in our preperation guide for each expedition.