Top Female Driving Stereotypes: Countered & Squashed by WanderWomen!

With the lift on the ban on Driving for women in Saudi Arabia and the release of our video for TerraQuest’s First All-women Self-drive Expedition to Spiti Valley, we have decided to come up with and firmly COUNTER the Top Stereotypes about Female Drivers in India and well, everywhere else in the world!

1. Women violate more traffic rules and get in more accidents than men.

A report compiled by Delhi Traffic Police reveals that woman drivers cause less than 2% of all fatal road mishaps in the city and their involvement in accidents has dropped in the past few years despite more women taking the wheel. Studies also reveal that men are more likely to be risk-taking studs, waving-off the seatbelt, jumping lights, drifting on highways and being able to ‘manage’ the car much better when they’re drunk. How inspiring.

2. Women are responsible for domestic chores and driving is unsuitable for them.

We don’t want to spend time getting into worthless, subjective opinions on what is suitable and what isn’t, but yes, even with the rapid increase of female drivers all over the world, women tend to do more household chores than their male counterparts. We guess that just means that women are just harder-workers and have more affinity for mastering tasks both inside and outside the household than men.

3. Women cannot park.

Yes, you may go ahead and believe all the youtube videos and theories about how it is SCIENTIFICALLY easier for the male mind to park his car but according to a ranking on 2500 drivers by Britain’s NCP, a parking operator, women out-perform men on most aspects and yet, they were hesitant in believing so themselves. Which means that while men wasted time and fuel circling around and carelessly muscling their cars in wherever they found space, not only did women quickly and efficiently pick spots and parked, they were also more humble about it.

4. Women don’t care about performance.

Studies have revealed that while buying a car, men tend to focus on appearance and speed while women seek efficiency. A Nielsen study into the subject of gender-based auto needs found that women today play a more important role when buying the family car. Based on the survey, women not only influence decisions about which car to buy, but on occasions, are also the sole decision-makers on crucial vehicle features, including the manufacturer, the type, design, fuel economy and performance.

5. Women just use the rearview to put on makeup.

Would you really like us to get into justifying this statement? We’re not gonna deny it completely but let’s just accept the truth : some women use the rearview for reasons other than driving, just like some men.

6. Women suck at driving.

On this last note, without wasting time on any further explanation, we give you a live and recent example on how well women can drive.