Into Royal Rajasthan: How TerraQuest redefines luxury in the desert!

What is Luxury? 

“Opulence”, “splendour”, “lavishness”, a state of great comfort or elegance. 

At TerraQuest, we’re an impassioned bunch on the wheels, devoted to discovering and creating the best travel experiences, and then, artfully sharing them. A TerraQuest Expedition isn’t just about taking a road trip, it is about getting you to explore every aspect of a destination – its landscape, its people, and its unique traits that set it apart from the rest of the world!

So when we took on the task of creating an Expedition that takes you through the Great Indian Desert – with its mystical desert landscape and centuries of history, we wanted to do it justice. Our #IntotheDunes Expedition is all about infusing adventure in the desert with its royalty. 

This is how we do it!

Authentic Experiential Meals 

Imagine a sumptuous supper laid out in a remote area of the Thar desert. For as far as the eyes can see, sand dunes are gleaming under a starry night while live Rajasthani folk music plays in the backdrop. You’re dreamily sipping on your favourite beverage (you name it) while you dig-in on authentic Rajasthani delicacies like Gatte ki Sabzi or Lal Maas, that are first freshly prepared right next to you!

When TerraQuest redefines opulence, we do it in our signature style. Right in the middle of nowhere, we will source unforgettable experiences for you, especially when it comes to authentic meals on your Rajasthan Expedition : right on the dunes, at a salt-lake and under age-old trees. 

An Oasis of Luxury

When we chose the properties for our Into-the-Dunes Expedition, we wanted the participants to really feel the experience of coming across an oasis in a desert. That feeling of finding your hidden treasure after an entire day of exploring the dunes. And we do truly treasure the properties we have so painstakingly discovered. Khimsar Dunes Village has beautiful, earthy little huts right in the middle of massive sand-dunes and a literal oasis on the property. Be it our Castle in the Golden city of Jaisalmer, or our extravagant Shekhawati Haveli in Mandawa, the splendour of our stays is indescribable!

Specially Curated Experiences

We’re aiming to create a masterpiece here so extravagant meals and stays are just not enough. When we speak of redefining lavishness, we take you to an evening in the City of Mandawa, also referred to as The Open Art Gallery of India, with its massive, intricately-dotted Havelis and the artistic Shekhawati vibe. When we reach Mandawa on our Expedition, we first head to The Royal Stables of The Prince of Mandawa for High Tea with him.   Fancy that?

One day we sip on morning coffee on our porch in Khimsar, watching the rising desert sun, and on another day we spend the night in Jaisalmer on Charpais laid out in the dunes while we stargaze. And on yet another day we find ourselves barbecuing and learning secret recipes with one of the rarest tribes in the world.

Each such experience is thoughtfully curated for you, as we try and achieve that balance between both the feelings of Luxury and Adventure.

Luxury : a state of great comfort and elegance. 

Besides everything that we’ve mentioned above, what is most important on a TerraQuest Expedition, and what comes most naturally to us, is the drive itself. If we lose focus from creating the best Self-drive Experience for you, everything else is in vain. And to do this with utmost elegance is our forte. From smoothly moving along in a convoy, to perpetually staying in touch on radios (installed in each car) all along the drive, each TerraQuest Expedition is prepared for with a lot of sweat and toil. Hassles on the way are taken care of immediately, and our Safety and Survival Experts are always ready to cater to each human as well as vehicle on the trip. 

Last, but never the least, an overdose of Off-road driving!

This may not sound luxurious to everyone, but if you’re a motorhead like us, you know exactly what’s in store for you. ‘Drifting along the edge of the world’ on India’s largest inland salt-lake, Sambhar Salt Lake, is only the beginning. The ATVs and motorsport buggy’s start us off in Achrol and then literally each day is full of exhilarating drives in the desert. 

The drive to and within Jaisalmer is laden with dunes. We also drive through remote interiors to reach Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary, which has a large lake that attracts rare wild-animals and migratory birds. The drive from Bikaner to artsy Mandawa is a combination of off-road desert trails and tarmac, taking us through the countryside.

And when all you see is a dune ahead, be rest assured that each off-road trail through the desert is carefully tracked before and during the Expedition. 

So if you ask TerraQuest, luxury is all about discovering true brilliance and comfort under any circumstance. It is about working hard to create something rare and beautiful for our participants. Book a trip to Rajasthan with TerraQuest to truly feel the joy of exploring The Great Indian Desert.

Our next expedition to Rajasthan starts is from 23 -29 Dec, 2019. You can check the itinerary here and call us on 0120-6262692 !