7 Mad-Meals on The Road to Spiti that a Terraquest Expedition is incomplete without!

  1. The breakfast at Narkanda

The joy of waking up to (officially) your first morning on the Spiti Expedition isn’t complete without a breakfast table perched on a cliffside in Narkanda! Fresh toasts, butter, milk and some crispy morning meat for the non-vegans are only the basic on a pleasing menu, designed to officially kick-start the Expedition on a yummy note! Find a beautiful spot on the expansive property and sing morning melodies while you dig-in on some fresh jam! The sun usually shines bright and beautiful at this hour, but if not, you’ll find yourself sharing your breakfast with the clouds!


  1. The lunch in Kinnaur

One of the things we love about Sangla and the raw freedom that comes with kinnaur, are the beautiful swiss tents we stay at! Set up literally in the middle of nowhere, these camps offer lovely tents in close proximity to the river flowing beneath and a beautiful luncheon laid out for us as soon as we arrive. If you’re looking for delectable, carefully and luxuriously curated delicacies, this is most definitely NOT the place for you.

Homely dal, rice, vegetable and chapatis with a simple salad and some aachar, cooked with love and imperfection is the lunch we love hogging on after a entire morning spent driving in the mountains. This simple, filling lunch we have at Sangla is an integral meal on The Road to Spiti!


  1. The dinner at Nako

We have now officially entered the desert, the landscape has changed tremendously from the lovely blue skies and green orchards of kinnaur to the deserted life in Nako, where trees are scarce and the sun shines bright enough to leave you with negligible energy by the time you arrive. To be honest, ‘Dinner at 8’ may just be the most common phrase used this evening. It is cold, it is deserted, the stars are numerous and the body needs food, so we head to one of the most wonderful dinner buffets on our Expedition. Vegan or non-vegan, this is one meal you may not forget during the entire expedition. A limited homely menu, so well-cooked in flavourful gravies, you can almost taste the sincerity!


  1. Dhaba meals in Tabo

In the heart of Spiti Valley, we now encounter the real culture of this region, especially at the countless dhabas in tabo. We stop at the market for a quick meal of momos the size of samosas and samosas the size of balloons and momos filled with home-grown veggies and samosas full of minced meat and chai in the desert with beautiful local kids curiously screaming and laughing in the backdrop!

Oh yes, after a long, surreal day of driving in the cold-mountain desert, and seeing the views we see, we don’t mind hogging away like ever-hungry monkeys!


  1. The fancy meal in Kaza

For those who truly seek a delectable meal, for those who truly believe that a meal is not just food-for-survival but an entire experience, hold back no more! Oh yes, we have found you your place of worship in the middle of nowhere. From quiches to salads to spaghetti, lebanese and all kinds of tea, and eggs cooked in different shapes, sizes and colours with vegetables likes zucchini and olives freshly plucked from their organic garden; oh yes, when we used the word ‘worship’, we meant it! You will fill both your heart and your stomach in this restaurant and will still not have tasted more than half the menu.

Talk about elaborate, huh?


  1. The participant meal at Losar

For our last stop at the Expedition, which is two dreamy nights in the village of Losar, we try and follow our ritual of getting one of the participants to cook us all a small meal, usually a main dish with bread/chapaati/timo served on the side. Everybody else is there to help, including the caretakers of our lovely cottage. We all sit in the cozy, lit room next to the kitchen, playing games and sipping local tequila, while the food is prepared, and yet again hog away in the warm company of our new-found friends! Another absolution on our Road to Spiti!


  1. Baatalllll

Last, but most definitely not the least, is the little roadside shack in Batal, run by one of the most free-living people on the planet. This is a stop on our road back from Spiti, somewhere on the way to the grey barrenness and screaming skies of Lahaul. The view around this shack is to die for. The food inside, we may kill for.

The menu : Rajma-Rice, Chhole-Rice, all kinds of other gravies with rice along with massive paranthas and his special chutney. The chutney totally does the trick here because we usually find ourselves eating more paranthas only because we cannot get over the taste of the chutney. This place may just have bagged the 1st spot on our list of mad-meals on the Road to Spiti with TerraQuest!

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