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Do you DREAM of venturing into the unknown, sleeping under the stars, exploring the remotest corners and conquering the harshest terrains? Do you dream of feeling ALIVE?

Each Quest we undertake is a search for a feeling, a feeling of being alive and intrepid! The feeling of being on top of the world and being one with nature! Travel with us to get up-close and personal with your planet in a way you’d never manage on your own. Our expeditions are all about experiences, traversing breathtaking landscapes, getting immersed in local culture, being amazed by off-beat destinations and making memories and bonds that last a lifetime!

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Social Media bossman, Expedition leader

Bohemian by nature and a backpacker in spirit, Bharat grabs every opportunity to travel. Meeting new people, mingling with the locals, partaking in their cuisines and enjoying their music and folklore, he blends in with the culture of the place. For him life is exciting if it unravels the unpredictable! Bharat believes in the adage that the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page. He believes that each journey is defined by epic experiences, and specializes in curating these in each of our trips! His love for overlanding has taken him across the length and breadth of the country as well as driving extensively across the UK while pursuing an Oudoor Recreations Masters in Scotland! A keen motorsport enthusiast, he also marshals across some of the most coveted rallies across North India – The Raid de Himalaya, Desert Storm etc.



With an eye for detail and panache for quality, Bhavna is the backbone of Team TerraQuest. Months of preparation and planning goes on in the background to ensure that every single expedition of ours is executed smoothly and we deliver as per promise. Under her careful supervision, nothing is left to chance. Having travelled extensively across the globe, she adds her valuable inputs to offer the best in terms of quality. Her love for good food and experimenting with different cuisines comes as an icing on the cake, and culminate into happy “cookout” time with a lot of good food and camaraderie to go with it!



A true outdoorsman, and our very own “Bear Grylls”! If it were his way Amit would spend each minute of his life outdoors ! In fact, he celebrated his Honeymoon camping across Ladakh for one month, followed by another month in Rajasthan – That says it all! Coming from a services background, and having spent much of his time in remote regions, he specializes in outdoor/wilderness survival techniques. He comes on board as an outdoor expert overlooking the safety of each person during our expeditions! Amit has previously worked in Human Resources, as well as with Himalayan Motorsport organising the coveted Raid de Himalaya. His cool demeanour in the harshest of situations and love-life attitude is contaguious ensuring a smile on each ones face even in the most difficult conditions.!



Abhey eats sleeps and breathes vehicles, and that too rally cars and off-roaders. Just less than a decade ago he was introduced to the world of Motosport and never looked back. Weekends are spent off-roading and holidays regularly mean exploring the back of beyond, often the country’s harshest terrains to witness breathtaking beauty! His tactical knowhow, and experience in such remote areas where safety is of utmost concern has made him adept at negotiating the uncertainities of these regions. His hospitality and management background brings on board key travel-logistics ensuring each TerraQuest becomes a once in a lifetime experience for you with amazing stays, wonderful food and lifetime experiences. Abhey also runs an e-commerce venture dealing in Off-Road, rally & overlanding gear!!



Karan spends much of his time exploring new territories camping, backpacking and overlanding across the Himalayas. Possibly the most “chilled” person in the crew he loves getting involved and spending time in new locations. An ideal amalgamation of kindness, wit and will-power, Mr Makkar makes for the perfect travel companion. His love for experiencing the new ensures unadultrated fun and often off-beat last minute ideas on many of our trips! Like others in the team, he is also a petrol head and regularly marshals in motorsport events, and is a certified first aid emergency responder.With him around you can expect a game of frisbee and yes, our professional kite-flyer will make sure you fly kites in the most beautiful loctions.